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Troylets are the plague of the world. A race of malevolent and incompetent jerks whose existence compromises the rest of ours!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

You can judge a lot about a person..

By the way they park their car. Like the totally inconsiderate wasteful assholes who park at the local shopping plaza in the fire lane and sit there with the engines running. Or when I look out the window at the full serve gas station across the street and the same sort of shitbags come in for gas, and not only won't they turn their engines off like they are supposed to do, but they leave the tranny in Drive and just hold the car still with the brake. Of course, the low grade cretins who work there are too stupid and lame to say anything about it. (They are the same types who when they get a chance to work on a car in the bay, don't even bother to hook up an exhaust hose while running the car indoors.) But if it was me, I'd spray them with gas then set the car alight.

posted by Jakester 6:18 PM

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