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Sunday, June 01, 2014

It's warm again, and the sacks of inconsiderate shyte

are out on their crappy loud Harleys. Nothing changes, low class scumbags like these miscreants get all the support these days. You also see those stupid yellow plastic signs about how I am supposed to watch out for mental midgets on motorcycles. I'll watch out for kids and animals, but a pile of garbage on a loud motorcycle should watch out for himself, I am not responsible for such trash. Why can't some mass murdering nut job go off on garbage like that instead of whomever, like little innocent school kids, they are obsessed with?

posted by Jakester 7:00 PM

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


I need to do more blogging like this, instead of the rah-rah stuff I do for customers. But concerning idiots and pickup trucks idling from the last post. I watched these two jerks talking in a parking lot Natch the moron in his oversized pickup truck had to leave his engine running in the deep April cold no less. But the other SULCPoG he was chatting with had the passenger door open as he stood on the ground facing the driver. But the moron at the controls also had his idling truck in REVERSE. I prayed the driver's foot would slip off the brake so the truck's RF door would clock the other idiot as it lurched backwards. Now that is plain fucking stupid, wasteful and unsafe. Leave some automatic POG in REVERSE while stopped so you can chat with some other baseball cap backwards cranial deficient blob.


A month ago I was at the local mega mall. And some POS, a real asshole, left his car in the lot while he was shopping, and he left it idling to run the A/C so his fat soft fanny could be all comfy when he returned from power shopping. Natch, the air temp, even in the sun, couldn't have been more than 72F that day. Not that super hot weather would justify such bs, but why in that weather? This is what our country is descending to, lame selfish foolish phukks who leave their cars idling for hours in the lot. And when that car hits 80K, the motor will sound like crap because 80% of its running time was just idling.

posted by Jakester 7:56 AM

Monday, April 07, 2014

You can spot an asshole based on how they park their car

People who leave their cars idling in the firelane at local Walmarts or super markets are complete assholes. Period. Absolutely no reason to be that lazy, wasteful, illegal and inconsiderate. It seems to be a lowlife habit applying to blacks and white trash in big pickup trucks. Of course, the useless cops or property store owners let these low class shit heels get away with it. I park as close to the exit I plan on leaving from or I walk and extra few blocks just to get some extra exercise and save gas and wear and tear. A little walking never hurt anyone. But what do we have but fatty electric carts where lazy as fuck "crippled" shoppers can move their 350 lbs slug bodies around. Add that to the shitty automatic doors that open 10x as much as they need to.

posted by Jakester 11:45 PM

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Local Businesses Suck Around Here

because they are run by local assholes who don't give a shit about accommodating their customers in the least. I realize the auto junk business is about as un-boutique as possible, but these local country losers set a new low standard for that business. They don't even have a proper parking area for customers, one has to back out of their place on a busy state highway. Then even on foot you have to snake around wrecks just to find their shitty office in the back. I offered to buy some parts off of an old wreck that were the kind that normally don't get sold, and these guys are so fucking incredibly lazy and indifferent, I mean, for 10 minutes of their time, they could make an easy $100. No wonder why they are so poor, they just don't know or care to run a business properly.

posted by Jakester 7:08 PM

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another thing that irks me

people who have answering machines or voice mail but are too lazy or dehumanized to change the stock default robot talk message. Why not say something in your own voice identifying you by at least your first name and be halfway polite and friendly? Do you enjoy being that tacky and slothful?

posted by Jakester 9:12 PM

More Things I Hate: Automatic Flood Lights

The ones that some inconsiderate and/or brainless asshole puts on his property that is triggered every time someone walks or drives by on the road in front.I can't think of anything more rude, wasteful and inconsiderate. 

posted by Jakester 9:09 PM

More Tattoo Attitude

Went into some local bicycle shop to check out some bicycles. I was "greeted" by some arrogant asshole who seemed utterly unconcerned with even going through the motions of trying to sell me anything or being the least bit cordial or friendly. Natch, his body was scarred by all his tacky body graffiti  aka tattoos. Obviously he was just too cool to deal with a yokel like me.

posted by Jakester 9:07 PM

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Update on the Outdoor Ethos

Remember those assholes on their four wheelers spreading noise, erosion and pollution into our great outdoors from last fall? Well I got to meet those scumbags a couple months ago in person. I went back to that same farm, but went right into the gravel pit and parked, Was going to do some small game hunting so I had the bolt action .22 with me but left the shotgun in the car. So I shot off a clip into the gravel of the sand pit then climbed the hill to the ridgeline. Well those two asswipes on their machines come into the pit and I was on the top of the lip looking down, gun slung over my shoulder unloaded. Well they horse around a while trying to climb the pit's wall then give up. Then the lead shithead rides his ATV up the machine track to where I was then starts giving me all this grief, as if he owned the land. I said I had permission, that our club had an arrangement with the farmer who owned the place but the Troylet just starts getting more belligerent and unreasonable. I felt like a real wimp backing down but all I had was that stupid little .22, even then, I don't need any trouble pointing guns at anyone short of life and death so I backed off as this shithead was literally going bananas over nothing. I mean I had stopped shooting when they were a half mile off and the only shooting I did was some .22 standard loads, not a big deal when there was all sorts of higher powered center fire brass laying all around the floor of the pit from other shooters. Fuck almost wish I did have the shotgun and blasted the two scumbags. Then there would be two less brainless assholes taking up space.

posted by Jakester 2:53 AM

Summer is Coming, the Assholes are Back

Yup all the macho bs scumbags on their ugly loud Harleys are back for another season. They are showing just how cool and independent they are by ruining it all for the rest of us with their loud, oversized POS American shitebikes. Can't get away from them. What really annoys me is that for all their BS swagger, they drive like old ladies in big Buicks. Hey Harley heads, if no one has told you lately, you all suck, low class scumbags!

posted by Jakester 2:38 AM

Friday, February 10, 2012

Another annoying and stupid trend these days is the dbs trying to be all chic and using decimal points in phone numbers and dates. This is done by people who are so stupid and lame with Math or even basic measurements that they couldn't tell you how many meters are in a kilometer, like 1000  kilo = 1000?
So they write a nice thing like a phone number 518-557-7878 as 518.557.7878 I mean with the dashes you know right away it is a phone number. With decimal points what is it, an IP address, number Eurotrash style with periods instead of commas? Or dates say 2/10/2012 will be douche written as 2.10.
2012 but if you really want to go all Eurotrash, you would have to write it as 10.2.2012 or d.m.y. Just an annoying trend you find amongst ignoramuses trying to look all cool and sophisto.

posted by Jakester 4:08 AM

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