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Troylets are the plague of the world. A race of malevolent and incompetent jerks whose existence compromises the rest of ours!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Ugliness of Sight and Sound

Now that spring is poking back in, more scumbags will be out on their Harleys being self centered obnoxious assholes annoying everyone else with their loud exhausts. This is the kind of mental midgetry that makes me think they really are savages.

Then there are the tattoo dirtbags. It is one thing for some lowlife to deface someone elses building with spray paint and his tacky ghetto graffiti, but when some mindless loser pays some creep 1000s of dollars to deface his own body, that is true sickness. Sorry, but your demons, dragons, voluptuous big breasted girls are plain trash. Then you have some more "intellectual" types who get Chinese or Japanese ideograms tattooed to their neck. Chances are they translate to something like "ignorant asshole with stupid words on his neck". Okay, at least tattoos don't annoy me like the scum on bikes, but they are eye pollution never the less. What is wrong with these people, they seem to have the tackiest of values, white trash chic.

posted by Jakester 8:57 PM

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