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Monday, March 21, 2011

Things I hate about Walmart.

Stupid double sliding doors where BOTH sets open when you walk towards just one of them. Of course, the incompetent slobs who installed and maintained them couldn't be bothered to get that right. Then they put a heater blowing hot air right above the door so more energy can be wasted.

Fat whales who get the handicapped space due to their excessive laziness and gluttony, then Walmarts lets them use electric carts so that fat slugs can grab more crummy fatty food easier. In reality those land manatees should be forced to park a half mile away then push a cart laden with reinforced concrete and lead shot blocks in it.

Those handicapped spaces that takes up 8 normal ones

Thousands of Walmart drones on the floor but only one or two checkout lanes open.

Lazy wasteful scumbags who illegally park their crummy cars in the fire lanes in front, with the engines idling, instead of parking it since they are too low class, selfish, lazy and brainless. And of course, the store lets those low class piles of crap get away with it, because Walmarts is for, of and about low class piles of trash.

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posted by Jakester 5:49 PM

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