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Troylets are the plague of the world. A race of malevolent and incompetent jerks whose existence compromises the rest of ours!

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Tuesday, April 08, 2014


I need to do more blogging like this, instead of the rah-rah stuff I do for customers. But concerning idiots and pickup trucks idling from the last post. I watched these two jerks talking in a parking lot Natch the moron in his oversized pickup truck had to leave his engine running in the deep April cold no less. But the other SULCPoG he was chatting with had the passenger door open as he stood on the ground facing the driver. But the moron at the controls also had his idling truck in REVERSE. I prayed the driver's foot would slip off the brake so the truck's RF door would clock the other idiot as it lurched backwards. Now that is plain fucking stupid, wasteful and unsafe. Leave some automatic POG in REVERSE while stopped so you can chat with some other baseball cap backwards cranial deficient blob.


A month ago I was at the local mega mall. And some POS, a real asshole, left his car in the lot while he was shopping, and he left it idling to run the A/C so his fat soft fanny could be all comfy when he returned from power shopping. Natch, the air temp, even in the sun, couldn't have been more than 72F that day. Not that super hot weather would justify such bs, but why in that weather? This is what our country is descending to, lame selfish foolish phukks who leave their cars idling for hours in the lot. And when that car hits 80K, the motor will sound like crap because 80% of its running time was just idling.

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