The Banality of Evil: Malevolent Stupidity in Action!

Troylets are the plague of the world. A race of malevolent and incompetent jerks whose existence compromises the rest of ours!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another thing that irks me

people who have answering machines or voice mail but are too lazy or dehumanized to change the stock default robot talk message. Why not say something in your own voice identifying you by at least your first name and be halfway polite and friendly? Do you enjoy being that tacky and slothful?

posted by Jakester 9:12 PM

More Things I Hate: Automatic Flood Lights

The ones that some inconsiderate and/or brainless asshole puts on his property that is triggered every time someone walks or drives by on the road in front.I can't think of anything more rude, wasteful and inconsiderate. 

posted by Jakester 9:09 PM

More Tattoo Attitude

Went into some local bicycle shop to check out some bicycles. I was "greeted" by some arrogant asshole who seemed utterly unconcerned with even going through the motions of trying to sell me anything or being the least bit cordial or friendly. Natch, his body was scarred by all his tacky body graffiti  aka tattoos. Obviously he was just too cool to deal with a yokel like me.

posted by Jakester 9:07 PM

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