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Friday, February 10, 2012

Another annoying and stupid trend these days is the dbs trying to be all chic and using decimal points in phone numbers and dates. This is done by people who are so stupid and lame with Math or even basic measurements that they couldn't tell you how many meters are in a kilometer, like 1000  kilo = 1000?
So they write a nice thing like a phone number 518-557-7878 as 518.557.7878 I mean with the dashes you know right away it is a phone number. With decimal points what is it, an IP address, number Eurotrash style with periods instead of commas? Or dates say 2/10/2012 will be douche written as 2.10.
2012 but if you really want to go all Eurotrash, you would have to write it as 10.2.2012 or d.m.y. Just an annoying trend you find amongst ignoramuses trying to look all cool and sophisto.

posted by Jakester 4:08 AM

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