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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Outdoor Ethos

I went out bird hunting the other day. Some farm that I had permission to go, but an area rapidly being over run by suburban sprawl. So I carefully drove my little Jap car on the machine tract to get to his fields. So I get to my spot by the edge of the field. But I can see about a quarter mile away two douchebags on 4 wheelers doing their thing. But I could've heard them 5 miles away they were so loud. It is always the same with these outdoor motorsport types. They "love" nature as they take their shitty, loud, 2 stroke oil burning pollution rigs out in the wilds so they can be all free & stuff. Hey one doesn't have to be a purist about nature, but at least have something clean and quiet and show some respect for land and other people. But those kind of sports attract schmucks, while claiming otherwise, who are crude creeps and don't care about all the pollution as well as their ruts and erosion they cause on the ATVs & 4 wheelers.

posted by Jakester 3:14 AM

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