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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

More Wasteful Idiocy

In this club I belong to, the old farts sit around drinking cheap beer and smoking cheap cigars in the clubhouse, OK, so be it. But all the windows are shuttered, not just closed, while they smoke. So instead of opening the windows and putting some screen doors on the doorways, they sit there with the a/c running in 75F of shade and make the whole old building reek of cheap smoke. Is that sick? It is like all those auto repair shops I used to work in where the malevolent morons would SEAL THE WINDOWS SHUT, RUN CARS WITHOUT HOSES on the tail pipes. I mean, some of these people owned the place, you'd think you would want to save your lungs? Personally, I would do as much work as possible outside even if it was only 40F, the fresh air and sunlight was far superior to some skanky, dark unhealthy shop. But today's proletarian moron can't be bothered to even look after his health or be the slightest bit efficient. Let's just outsource everything to the Asians.

posted by Jakester 3:31 PM

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