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Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Walmart Tackiness

Where else but Walmarts? Saw this young guy with basketball hoop earlobes and a starter set of body graffiti topped with permed and dyed hair. Overhearing him talk to his friend about how he is now a body graffiti promulgator, aka a tattoo artist. For now he is working for someone else but soon he wants to open his own bs body graffiti shop. He is taking business courses at the local community college. Sad, he didn't seem like he was totally braindead and ignorant, so why is he pursuing such a bs trade? Later saw him out at his car, a GMC Suburban with a mix of right wing and heavy Xtreme type bumper sticker with all sort of bumper push guards and lights all squeaky clean unscratched. But to his credit, it looked more like his father's car than his. But tackiness is a family disease.

posted by Jakester 9:29 PM

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